Yacht Crew Coaching

Yacht Crew Coaching

Get the inside edge on creating career success in the yachting industry!

Over the past three decades, our partners have spoken to a variety of audiences about what it really takes to break in, move up and build a successful career in the exciting, yet sometimes maddening, world of super yachting.

Followed by thousands of people around the globe, our partners regularly invited to speak on topics including:

  • The truth about yachting and how to get hired
  • Managing the millennials – how to motivate your younger crew
  • Hiring with x-ray vision: Using profiling tools to select the best crew for your team

Our former superyacht crew members, who cruised throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean for many years before becoming professionally trained personal development coaches, our partners captivate audiences with their stories, warmth and real world advice.

Want to book a panelist, motivational speaker or expert for your boat show or other maritime event? Contact us to learn more.

Master Your Yacht CV

For any open position, your CV may also be screened by a management company, owner’s representative or personal assistant.

Not all of those gatekeepers are as familiar with yachting as you are, which means that now, more than ever, you cannot assume your experience will speak for itself.

As experienced crew, you already know that if your CV doesn’t make the interview shortlist, you won’t get the job. When screening other people’s CVs, you see the mistakes that land people in the rejection pile. Maybe they leave out the most important information, failing to give a sense of their true abilities. Maybe the layout is confusing or messy. Maybe their photo is lackluster, or even laughable. Maybe even just the language is off putting. It’s easy to spot these problems on other people’s CVs but when it comes to your own, it can be harder to judge. What you need is a professional, honest and unbiased opinion to be 100% confident that you are presenting and ‘selling’ yourself in the best possible way.

Bottom line, your yachting CV is a sales tool that should be prepared by a yachting insider with marketing and writing expertise.

Building High Performing Teams – Crew Dynamics

As a Captain, management company or broker, you are well aware that yachting is a serious business with a lot of investment at stake. Protecting the owner’s asset while maintaining a relaxing and enjoyable environment for them, their guests and charter clients is a careful balancing act that requires a unique set of skills: flexibility, decisiveness and the ability to prioritise and focus amidst an ever-changing program.

Essential to this success is the performance quality of your team onboard. It’s not enough for them to have top individual skills – they also need to work seamlessly and harmoniously together, without unnecessary disruption caused by miscommunication or personal differences.

When this is achieved your team gets into flow and everything runs smoothly. Your yacht becomes the harmonious, relaxing leisure and pleasure vessel you have always envisaged.

What does this mean for you and your yacht in real terms?

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Greater crew longevity & loyalty

Competent and confident crew

Closer attention to detail

Reduced errors and mistakes

Higher attention to safety and security

Better quality service

More satisfied guests

Smoother operations

Improved communication

Heightened efficiency

Positive and proactive crew

Creative problem solving

Lower operating costs

Sustainable, efficient use of resources


Greater peace of mind

Attracting the best quality crew

Friendly and familiar faces on every visit

Continuity of service standards

A better market reputation

Repeat charter bookings

Increased charter & sales value

Happier family and friend experiences

Smiling, relaxed, competent crew

Needs anticipated in advance

Idyllic lifelong memories

Things happen faster and easier

Stress-free downtime

Vessel ownership is pure enjoyment

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We are dedicated to working in partnership with Owners, Captains, Pursers, Chief Engineers, Interior Managers and Management Companies to build strong, highly qualified yacht.


Our service provides 7* interior and hospitality training for crew on-board the super yachts and cruise ships, and for staff within private residences, luxury villas, resorts & hotels.


Whether it is tax, bank account, currency card, pension, mortgage, property investment, stocks and shares or just some advice you need, get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Over the past three decades, our partners have spoken to a variety of audiences about what it really takes to break in, move up and build a successful career in the exciting, yet sometimes maddening, world of super yachting.